Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trading With BROCO



  • Why Broco Trader?

  1. Orders for buy/sell are executed within 3 – 5 seconds; 
  2. The volume of transactions may amount to 0.01 lot, i.e. there is no need for big investments; 
  3. Deposit in different currencies — EUR, USD, RUR; 
  4. Wide array of products — Forex, currency futures CFD, indexes; 
  5. Guaranteed execution of order due to absence of Requotes;

    • Trading with Broco

    1. Minimal deposit — $100;
    2. Leverage — up to 1:500;
    3. Putting order inside spread;
    4. The opportunity of swap-free trading (fixed fee instead of overnight swap fee);
    5. 24–hours ’ technical support and assistance;
    6. Information support of Clients;
          • Technical analysis by Trading Central in Client area;
          1. Protection of your funds and personal information.

          • How to become our client

          Step 1
          Read the necessary documents before signing the agreement.
          Step 2
          Register for your Personal Office — your own private workspace.
          Step 3
          Select a trading platform through which to trade on the financial markets.
          Step 4
          Open an account with the Broco and make an initial deposit.
          And that’s everything! Now you can start trading in any financial market and with the financial instruments of your choice. Join us for a profitable future!
          Welcome to the Broco of Companies.

          You may choose any of the available methods to replenish funds in your trading account or to withdraw money from it. All account operations are done through your personal office. Broco is constantly expanding the list of payment methods for replenishment and withdrawal of funds — seeking to make things ever more convenient for our clients.

          Funds transfer

          •  Withdrawal of funds from your trading account

          The withdrawal procedure is the same for the banking and the electronic systems.
          Usually it takes 3-4 days.
          To withdraw the funds from your trading account please follow the procedure described below:
          Step 1
          Please enter you Private Office and choose the “Submit a withdrawal request” tab. Specify the amount to be withdrawn in your request. Then choose payment details of the system that you want to use for the withdrawal. And after that press “Submit a request”
          Step 2
          Please check your mailbox (email address that you stated at registration) for the confirmation that your request is in process.
          Step 3
          After the request is completed you will receive the notification that the requested amount of funds has been withdrawn from your trading account.
          Step 4
          Please receive your funds.

          • Funds transfer

          You can make an internal transfer of funds between trading accounts if both accounts belong to you.
          You can submit a request for the internal transfer through your Private Office.
          There is no fee for transfers of funds with the same currency of both deposits.
          If deposits of your trading accounts use different currencies than there would be a fee of 2% of the transfer amount in the currency of the sending account.
          The internal transfer is processed in three business days.

          • Attention

          According to international laws on countering money laundering and the financing of terrorism, payments instead and for third parties are not accepted.



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