Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Funding Method (Liberty Reserve & LiqPAY)

Liberty Reserve funding option introduced!

  • Broco has launched Liberty Reserve option for funding your trading account.
  • Liberty Reserve is a type of electronic currency which is easy-to-use and besides is of a high demand in many regions of the world.
  • Its advantages include unique approach to security of the system and cryptographic protection of the web-site.
  • To fund your trading account through Liberty Reserve, first register Liberty Reserve purse and then transfer funds to our LR account which number can be found in the personal area.
  • Fee for payment within the system amounts to 1% of the transferred sum but not less than $0.01 and not more than $2.99.
  • Funds will be credited to your trading account within 1 business day.

LiqPAY: new method to deposit your funds

  • Now all Broco clients are able to deposit funds to their trading accounts using the LiqPAY payment system which allows them to transfer funds from all over the world via mobile phone, Internet and payment cards.
  • LiqPAY is a transparent and convenient electronic payment system offering low commissions. It has no country or residence restriction.
  • All payment are accepted in UD dollars (USD). The commission is 2.7% of the amount transfered. Visa and Mastercards are also accepted. Thus all Broco clients have an additional option to fund their accounts using debit or credit cards. This payment method gives all Broco clients another opportunity to fund their accounts using mobile phone and Internet.
  • This payment system could be accessed from your Personal Office. It has a link that redirects you to the official site of LiqPAY. This can be found in "My Trading Accounts " and is under "Pay2Pay" .
  • LiqPAY payments system has the highest security level and is protected by OTP (ОТР — single time use password issued for single identity verification and valid for a limited period of time).
Attention! From May 17 till May 31, 2010 Broco will compensate all systems commissions in full in order to let you fully appreciate all advantages of LiqPAY payment system. Explore new option to fund your account commission free.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Leverage and Welcome Bonus......

Start from now, all clients that registered under BROCOASIA will get these new trading condition:

1. New leverage as high as 1:500
2. 20% of welcome bonus for initial deposit

Saturday, February 27, 2010

1st Step to Join BROCO.....

1st Step to Join With BROCO

    • Check your email from BROCO to confirmed your registration by click the confirmation link.


    To Open / Create Your Personal Trading Account

    • Login into your Cabinet (Private area of Broco Client)
    • Follow 6 Step to open your new trading account

    Tuesday, February 23, 2010

    Trading With BROCO



    • Why Broco Trader?

    1. Orders for buy/sell are executed within 3 – 5 seconds; 
    2. The volume of transactions may amount to 0.01 lot, i.e. there is no need for big investments; 
    3. Deposit in different currencies — EUR, USD, RUR; 
    4. Wide array of products — Forex, currency futures CFD, indexes; 
    5. Guaranteed execution of order due to absence of Requotes;

      • Trading with Broco

      1. Minimal deposit — $100;
      2. Leverage — up to 1:500;
      3. Putting order inside spread;
      4. The opportunity of swap-free trading (fixed fee instead of overnight swap fee);
      5. 24–hours ’ technical support and assistance;
      6. Information support of Clients;
            • Technical analysis by Trading Central in Client area;
            1. Protection of your funds and personal information.

            • How to become our client

            Step 1
            Read the necessary documents before signing the agreement.
            Step 2
            Register for your Personal Office — your own private workspace.
            Step 3
            Select a trading platform through which to trade on the financial markets.
            Step 4
            Open an account with the Broco and make an initial deposit.
            And that’s everything! Now you can start trading in any financial market and with the financial instruments of your choice. Join us for a profitable future!
            Welcome to the Broco of Companies.

            You may choose any of the available methods to replenish funds in your trading account or to withdraw money from it. All account operations are done through your personal office. Broco is constantly expanding the list of payment methods for replenishment and withdrawal of funds — seeking to make things ever more convenient for our clients.

            Funds transfer

            •  Withdrawal of funds from your trading account

            The withdrawal procedure is the same for the banking and the electronic systems.
            Usually it takes 3-4 days.
            To withdraw the funds from your trading account please follow the procedure described below:
            Step 1
            Please enter you Private Office and choose the “Submit a withdrawal request” tab. Specify the amount to be withdrawn in your request. Then choose payment details of the system that you want to use for the withdrawal. And after that press “Submit a request”
            Step 2
            Please check your mailbox (email address that you stated at registration) for the confirmation that your request is in process.
            Step 3
            After the request is completed you will receive the notification that the requested amount of funds has been withdrawn from your trading account.
            Step 4
            Please receive your funds.

            • Funds transfer

            You can make an internal transfer of funds between trading accounts if both accounts belong to you.
            You can submit a request for the internal transfer through your Private Office.
            There is no fee for transfers of funds with the same currency of both deposits.
            If deposits of your trading accounts use different currencies than there would be a fee of 2% of the transfer amount in the currency of the sending account.
            The internal transfer is processed in three business days.

            • Attention

            According to international laws on countering money laundering and the financing of terrorism, payments instead and for third parties are not accepted.



            Broco Trader (MetaTrader4)

            Broco Trader (MetaTrader4)


            Perfect trading terminal is the half of your success. Broco Trader was constructed on the basis of the most popular Meta Trader 4 terminal.

            Due to the universal Broco Trader platform you obtain unrestrained freedom of action because the terminal includes an extensive array of trading opportunities — any financial markets, over 500 of diverse financial tools — from Forex to indexes and futures CFDs and stocks.

            Sign up and get forex demo account Metatrader and become a global forex trader (forex currency trader). Our demo forex trading platform (based on forex metatrader) can improve your skills and make you one of the best forex traders.

            For whom

            Broco Trader is the universal platform fitting both beginner traders and experienced users who developed their own trading strategies. For those who:

            1. prefer minimum price for entering the market;
            2. set continuous development and self–improvements as their goal in trading;
            3. strive for getting maximum opportunities;
            4. prefer non–aggressive trading style and has long–term intentions;

            How it works

            1. Interface of trading platform is customizable, one can set their personal profile according to individual requirements for a comfortable operation;
            2. Having various types of orders which enables traders to risk or decrease risks of loosing funds;
            3. Execution of orders is automatic and does not depend on the volume of transaction made by trader;
            4. Facility of automation — i.e. when trader’s transactions are given to robot for execution;
            5. Real–time changes of quotations, up–to–date news, charts for technical analysis.

            To test demo-version of Broco Trader.

            About BROCO

            Broco is one of the most prominent brokerage companies in international operating in the field of Internet trading. With the help of modernized products of high quality, diverse services and a competent team, Broco manages to cater various needs of traders and investors and facilitates them with all essential tools for successful performance on financial markets.

            Broco was established by traders for traders, it is one of few trading companies with employees who actively work and earn on global financial markets. Being aware about needs of traders, we manage to launch efficient and cutting edge services.

            Broco works to:

            • multiply Clients investments;
            • provide access to any financial markets from Forex to the biggest stock pools of the USA;
            • ensure multi–option among variety of financial products;
            • client assistance available 24 hrs.

            Though we are not going to rest on our laurels but continuously provide new opportunities. Some of our services were introduced on international market for the first time. We were the first who offered Strategy Runner platform for professional traders and, accordingly, access to the operations with currency pairs and futures through this platform. Besides, Broco introduced the unique facility to trade with mini futures, futures CFDs, derivatives and indexes.

            As of today we are ready to offer the following services for newbies and professional traders:

            • Various options for accessing financial markets;
            • Growth of Investor’s capital (PAMM accounts);
            • Efficient trading without excessive labor and mental costs;
            • 24 hours’ attention and support;
            • Enhancing skills and knowledge;
            • Detailed, just–in–time analytical reviews;
            • Professional advancement and competitive activity;

            We work for your success.


            "BroCo Investments" is the company operating on the ground of the international financial investment license of the highest category 1 — Global Business License — granted by the Financial Services Commission of Republic of Mauritius.

            The company has an absolutely legal right to accept clients’ funds into currency operating accounts of the banks with stainless reputation in order to provide brokers, dealer’s and investment services at the Forex market (directly participate at the interbank currency exchange), at the Futures and Stocks markets. We chose the most comfortable trading terms in order to enable you to apply the rules of finance management and experience acquired.

            Broco Holdings Ltd saying that it's a Cypriot legal entity and has submitted an application to CySEC for the granting of a CIF authorisation.

            Due to Media project "BrocoPulse" broadcast up–to–date analytical review and financial forecast, stylish and comfortable music, fascinating informative and educating programs are available.

            "BroCo Investments" Inc

            Company no. 079262 C1\GBL

            Legal address: Office 113, 2-nd Floor, Medine Mews, Chaussee Str., Port Louis, Mauritius.

            Postal address: Lophitis Business Center. 28th October & Emiliou Hourmouziou street no. 249. Postal code 3035. Limassol, Cyprus

            License FSC Category 1 Global Business № C108005633

            Broco Holdings Ltd.

            Postal address: Lophitis Business Center. 28th October & Emiliou Hourmouziou street no. 249. Postal code 3035. Limassol, Cyprus


            • License

              License FSC Category 1 Global Business № C108005633

            • License

              Dealer licence

            • License

              FSC licence

            • License

              FSC licence

            Broco is in the process of obtaining a licence/authorisation from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) to operate as a Cyprus Investment Firm. The application to CySEC has been submitted within the deadline in accordance with CySEC's announcement dated 06 November 2009.

            Mission and objectives

            Mission of our company is to be an ideal partner in the world of financial markets

            Advantages of the Company at the market

            • Innovative solutions;
            • Personal approach to Customer;
            • Openness, availability;
            • Convenience, intelligibility.

            Values we believe in

            • We gain if our Customers earn;
            • Long–term collaboration;
            • Firmness of purpose, persistence;
            • Reliability;
            • Self–perfection;
            • Achievement of the trading education;
            • Endeavour to successful education;
            • Educational success is the destiny of professionals.

            Rules of conduct

            • Responsibility;
            • Tenderness and prompt furnishing of assistance for Customers;
            • Accuracy;
            • Honesty;
            • Legality;
            • Courtesy;
            • Fairness;
            • Ethics;
            • Benevolence;
            • Mutual respect.

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