Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Funding Method (Liberty Reserve & LiqPAY)

Liberty Reserve funding option introduced!

  • Broco has launched Liberty Reserve option for funding your trading account.
  • Liberty Reserve is a type of electronic currency which is easy-to-use and besides is of a high demand in many regions of the world.
  • Its advantages include unique approach to security of the system and cryptographic protection of the web-site.
  • To fund your trading account through Liberty Reserve, first register Liberty Reserve purse and then transfer funds to our LR account which number can be found in the personal area.
  • Fee for payment within the system amounts to 1% of the transferred sum but not less than $0.01 and not more than $2.99.
  • Funds will be credited to your trading account within 1 business day.

LiqPAY: new method to deposit your funds

  • Now all Broco clients are able to deposit funds to their trading accounts using the LiqPAY payment system which allows them to transfer funds from all over the world via mobile phone, Internet and payment cards.
  • LiqPAY is a transparent and convenient electronic payment system offering low commissions. It has no country or residence restriction.
  • All payment are accepted in UD dollars (USD). The commission is 2.7% of the amount transfered. Visa and Mastercards are also accepted. Thus all Broco clients have an additional option to fund their accounts using debit or credit cards. This payment method gives all Broco clients another opportunity to fund their accounts using mobile phone and Internet.
  • This payment system could be accessed from your Personal Office. It has a link that redirects you to the official site of LiqPAY. This can be found in "My Trading Accounts " and is under "Pay2Pay" .
  • LiqPAY payments system has the highest security level and is protected by OTP (ОТР — single time use password issued for single identity verification and valid for a limited period of time).
Attention! From May 17 till May 31, 2010 Broco will compensate all systems commissions in full in order to let you fully appreciate all advantages of LiqPAY payment system. Explore new option to fund your account commission free.


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